What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity Is…

It is the visible and tangible elements of a business brand. Often, I get asked to design a logo for new businesses. I always explain to the clients that it is important to create the whole brand identity and not just the logo. A logo is just a mark that represents your business, it is not the entirety of your brand identity. In order for your logo to be memorable and recognizable, you must consider the brand identity as whole. Here are the components of a brand identity:


Logo – it is the mark or symbol that identifies you visually and the representation of your company. Make it simple, recognizable and memorable.


Tagline – this is your business’ mantra. It tells people the value of your business, who you are & what you do, in a short and memorable phrase.


Colors – different colors conveys different meaning and feelings. Don’t choose a color simply because you like it. Strategically choose colors that evoke the right emotions in your customers. Fast food chains uses red and yellow because they make us hungry.


Fonts – typography also evokes certain emotions like colors do. Using a fun and quirky font for a law firm won’t assure clients that they can be trusted with their legal issues.


Graphics – creating graphics that align with your brand identity increases brand awareness. Using illustrations and imageries on your collaterals and marketing materials help with brand recognition.


Language – the words and the tone of voice you use to communicate to your audience about your business. Is it fun, serious, entertaining, professional…


Once you have these brand identity in place, be sure to use them consistently throughout all your collaterals and anything marketing materials you put forth. Being consistent in your brand identity will allow your customers recognize you easily.


If you need help with figuring all this out so you can have an elevated brand identity, do not hesitate to give me a holler! I look forward to working with you. Just reach out!

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