Color Psychology in Branding: Taupe

What is Taupe?

First of all, what color is taupe? Taupe is all the shades between dark brown and gray. It’s not a single color but rather a range of shades with the two properties of brown and gray and spectrum of different undertones. Taupe is considered a neutral hue, which is the combination of complementary (opposite) colors. It can be warmer with more hints of red, or cooler with more hints of green, making it extremely versatile and timeless. This is a huge reason why I chose taupe as part of my brand identity. It is a neutral and classic color that is not trendy but it will never go out of style.


Color Psychology of Taupe

Taupe is often used over beige because it seems to be a “safer” neutral choice. It is a few degrees warmer than gray and more current than beige. Overall, taupe is a more earthy color, therefore, giving people the idea of your brand being more organic and down to earth. People who favor taupe are dependable, humble and avoid being the center of attention. However, these people can also be seen as dull, cautious and conservative.


Using Taupe in Branding

Since the color taupe is more earthy, you need a healthy dose of creamy whites to balance it out as well as sufficient contrast. The accent colors that work well with taupe are blues and pinks. Because I love working with women entrepreneurs, I chose pink as an accent color to compliment the taupe and it works beautifully.


Taupe is also used by mature luxury interiors and fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton with their taupe (also seen as gold) and dark brown color palette.


How do you feel about taupe? Do you love it or hate it? Not sure what’s right for your brand? That’s why I’m here! Tell me about you and your company, let’s see how we can work together.

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