Branding & Website Design Service

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Strategic Brand Identity


Are you starting a business or wanting to rebrand because you are just not standing out from your competitors? In order to have a sustainable brand, you need a strong brand foundation. You can achieve that through strategic branding. Building a long lasting brand is not just about the logo. In fact, there are many things we have to determine before I pickup a pencil to sketch out your logo. When you invest in brand strategy, you are setting your business up for success.


What’s included:

  • Strategy Questionnaire

  • Mood Board + Color Palette

  • Brand Fonts

  • Logos & Submarks

  • Brand Pattern

  • Brand Carry-all

  • Brand Style Board

  • Logo Image Files in JPG & PNG

Strategic Website Design

Are you getting website visits but visitors are just not taking action before they leave your site? I don’t just create pretty websites, but websites that are intentional with strategy.


What’s included:

  • Strategy Questionnaire

  • Squarespace, Showit, WordPress or Shopify Website

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • Lead Magnet Design

  • On-page SEO Best Practices

  • Personalized Training & Video

  • Launch Day Graphics

  • One Week Post-launch Support

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My Strategic Branding Process

You may or may not be surprised when I tell you that your logo is not your brand and that your brand is not just your logo. If you want to put a percentage to it, your logo makes up less than 10% of your brand.


In order to have a strong brand, it needs to have substance so that it can be sustainable. Therefore, you need to dig deeper than just creating a pretty logo. When you decide to invest in your brand, here’s what we look at in order to give you the right tools to move your business forward.

Brand Substance

- Mission Statement

- Vision Statement