The Branding and Website Design Process

** UPDATE: Hi there! Just a note regarding my branding and website design process. Since this post was publishes, I’ve added the much necessary brand and website STRATEGY as part of the process. This is VERY VAUABLE process that any business owner should be doing for their brand and website. It isn’t just any pretty logo or website but I apply strategy for all the design, giving you a design that converts and getting people to take action before they leave your website. This process is typically 8 weeks for both branding and website and 4-5 weeks for branding only or website only. **


The Branding and Website Design Process


Why hello!


So glad you’ve dropped by my website to begin your branding & website design journey for your creative business! Are you just starting out or are you thinking of rebranding your business image? Whether you’re a newbie or an expert at what you do, I’ve love to hear from you!


Assuming you’ve checked me out on the About page so I won’t repeat my story! I love to share share share so you can be sure my blog post will be full of valuable information and all the experiences I gained and lessons I learned during my 16 years as an event designer. I will also be posting a lot of tips and tricks to elevate your business and other fun business stuff just for professionals and creatives like you. I cannot wait to share and connect with you.


For my first blog post, I’d like to tell you a little about my typical design process when you partner with me for your branding project. I’ll tell you about The Design Bundle since that is the one most business owners love. The bundle includes both branding and website design.


Why should you choose the Design Bundle? When it’s the same designer doing both your business branding and website design, you can be sure they are consistent and cohesive. The two will flow nicely together and is memorable to your ideal clients.


Benefits of booking my 4-week design bundle


  • You have my undivided attention: I only work with one client at a time. I can focus all of my time and energy into each client. Clients are also able to see fast progress with daily updates, drafts and results.

  • When you own a business, you know very well a contract has a project date and deadline. Everything MUST be done on time. This 4-week design process gives you definite start and end dates so that you can better plan your business operations.

This all sounds so wonderful doesn’t it? You can have an elevated brand and website for your business in just 4 weeks (or less – I do have a faster option). But! You must remember that you also play a very important roll during these 4 weeks. Here are some tips to ensure an smooth 4 weeks together.

  • Before the 4-week design process begins, I will provide you with a questionnaire on branding and website design to prepare you for our upcoming day together.

  • You have to complete the design questionnaire on time 2 days before our scheduled start date so that the design process is efficient and runs smoothly. I can work more quickly when everything is ready to go!

  • You must be available during the 4-week design process. You will have to be able to check your email often to give me feedback so that I can complete each design step on time and move on to the next stage.

  • You must be able to make a decision on the logo and color palette fairly quickly as that will dictate the rest of the design.

4-week design process overview:

  • Week 1 – inspirations, mood board & initial logo concepts

  • Week 2 – logo revisions, final edits & Brand Assets Style Guide

  • Week 3 – website skeleton & layout, customize website & add design elements

  • Week 4 – website revisions & testing, file sharing & final meeting


So that’s my branding and website design process! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below, others might have the same question too!


Ready to book? I invite you to fill in the form on my contact page. I look forward to designing with you!

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