6 Tips to Choosing Your Business Images

How to Website Images for your Business

Here are some tips for choosing images for your business when you’re preparing to design your website or giving it a fresh look.⁣


  1. Use High Quality Images by a Professional Photographer

    It is well worth it to hire a professional photographer to take some brand photos for you. High quality images of you, your team and your products/services is crucial for your website. Professional photography conveys to your potential customers that you are serious about your brand. If you’re just starting out and really cannot afford a professional photographer, you can learn how to take better photos of your product simply by searching the topic on YouTube. If suitable, you can also use stock photography for the time being. Websites such as Unsplash is a great option for free website images. You can also purchase some stock photos, trust me, they are worth the investment! Once you get the ball rolling, remember to replace these stock images with your own pro pics.


  2. Use Images Relevant to your Brand and Style

    There’s nothing worse than using photos that is not a reflection of your brand. If you’re a florist who specializes in organic and garden style floral designs, use photos with lots of greenery. If you’re a wedding planner who specializes in bohemian wedding styles, use photos with a boho wedding theme.⁣


  3. Choose Images with a Call-to-action

    For some sections of your website, you might want to use images to emphasize on your call-to-action. For example, on your contact page, you might want to use an image of you talking on the phone. Or perhaps a cute cat playing with a photo if you’re a veterinarian. You can also add a button overlay on the image that’s linked to your contact page.


  4. Let Your Website Images Do the Talking

    For certain creative professions, for example makeup artists, lash extension specialists, abstract artist, use more images to tell your story and what you offer. Let the images speak to your ideal clients. If you’re a destination wedding planner, choose beautiful light and airy photos of weddings on the beach with beautiful bright orange and peach colors. Show your couples what their wedding will look and feel like if they work with you.


  5. Optimize Your Website Images for SEO and Keywords

    Add image alt texts with keywords so google know what the images are about.⁣ In Squarespace, fill in the caption below your images. Then go to Image > Design > Captions > Off in the dropdown menu if you want to hide the captions.


  6. Choose the Right Image File Type

    Use .jpg for photographs and .png for your logos and graphics. Check out the difference between the two image file types here in a previous blog post.


That’s it! Pin these tips for later. Do you have more questions regarding choosing images for your business website? Feel free to ask in the comment box below so others can also benefit from the answer.

Happy image choosing!

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