Only 2 Clicks to Help Squarespace Website Rank Higher on Google

Two Easy Tips to Rank Higher On Google

Is your forever question ‘how to rank higher on google’? While there’s no easy and straight answers, there are 2 super duper simple things you can do on your Squarespace website to help it rank higher on Google. So simple you won’t believe it!


1. Enable Accelerate Mobile Pages – AMP

What this AMP feature can do for your Squarespace blog is to create lightweight versions of your blog posts to help them load faster on mobile devices. While AMP is not officially a ranking factor, the load speed of you webpage does matter. When you have a quicker loading page, Google will rank you higher. This only applies to Squarespace blog posts and not the other pages of your website.


To enable this feature, go to your Squarespace Dashboard > BLOGGING > USE AMP

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2. Enable Secure Sockets Layer Certificate – SSL

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. These certificates tell your site visitors that your site is safe. Otherwise, they are at higher risk of having their data stolen. Without encryption, your site security is also at risk. SSL protects you, the website owner as well, from phishing scams, data breaches, and many other threats. Ultimately, It builds a more secure environment for both site visitors and site owners.


You can easily tell if a site has a SSL Certificate by its URL that begins with “https://”. A site that does not have an active SSL Certificate starts with “http://”. Google ranks “https://” sites higher than non-secured sites.


Not only will Google rank you higher with an SSL Certificate, some browsers actually have this dread warning when a visitor lands on a webpage that does not have this certificate. Your visitors will leave your website quickly, which will increase your bounce rate that effects your ranking on Google.


The good news for us is that SSL Certificate is included with all Squarespace subscriptions unlike some other hosting providers. Here’s how to enable your SSL Certificate on your website. simply go to SETTINGS > ADVANCED > SECURITY PREFERENCE.


That’s it! Of course, there are so many other factors that goes into how you can rank higher on Google but AMP and SSL are super quick and easy to enable. So why not?

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