How to Find Your Brand Voice

Brand Voice

Your brand voice is dependent on your company mission, target clients and sector or industry. Do not craft your brand voice without already spending time on these elements of your brand.


What is Brand Voice

Brand voice is the language you use and how you communicate to your customers. You want to choose words that resonate with your target audience so that they feel the connection with you.


Use this list of adjectives to help you get started on finding your brand voice.


list of brand voice adjectives

What are the top 10 words that describes your brand?

Take the top 10 and narrow them down to top 4 adjectives. This step is very important because it’s difficult to convey more than a few traits in a successful visual brand.


If you’re stuck, here are some questions to help you narrow down your descriptive words:

  • Is this the best word for the message we want to communicate?

  • Is there another word which better describes this idea?

  • How will your team interpret this word?

  • Does your audience perceive you this way?

Once you have narrowed down the 4 words, Create a chart like this and fill in the do’s and don’ts so that you avoid side-tracking to something you’re not. Here’s an example of Do’s and Don’ts of a descriptive word:

Brand Voice Dos and Donts of Descriptive Words

Now that you have your brand voice, you must apply them everywhere! On your collaterals, website, social media, advertising and all across all other platforms.


There are many steps to creating a brand that belongs to you, one that speaks to your ideal clients and target audience. It is only after crafting your branding that you are ready to design your logo and brand identity.


If you’re ready to level up your branding but feeling a bit lost, I can help! Reach out so I can get to know your struggles and we can discuss how I can help.

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